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You had just moved to a new city, and two friendly strangers helped you move your boxes into your apartment. You soon found yourself acquainted with various people in the city, all of whom seemed to have some attraction to you. It sounded like the perfect setup for a cliche romance story, right?

But life isn't a cliche. Life can be cruel, mean, and ugly. When humans are desperate and pushed to their limit-- when the deepest darkness is dredged from the hearts of humans, what happens?

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Beholden is an upcoming otome game.

"Trust is defined as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”

Are there some secrets that must be revealed? Would you rather learn the truth, or avert your eyes and trust in somebody else to handle it? At what point does faith cross the line into delusion?

Beholden is an exciting new otome game which follows the lives of a group of young individuals who each are struggling to answer these questions. With 5 romance options, 15 endings, and a story packed with drama, angst, and love, Beholden is a game which will be sure to captivate the hearts and emotions of all players."

-(from Beholden website:

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